Why EMV?

EMV chip cards are new in the United States, but the benefits of this technology are too significant to be overlooked. The reason for their popularity is simple; they dramatically reduce fraudulent activity.


What makes EMV more secure?

Unlike a magnetic stripe card, EMV chip cards send data that changes with each transaction. EMV chip cards transmit a variable algorithm with each transaction, making the data more secure than the static data found on magnetic stripe cards.

EMV Benefits for Business

The EMV chip cards have already successfully reduced face-to-face fraud around the world – and is now making its way into your customers' wallets. With a "future proof" terminal or peripheral, you can start accepting EMV chip cards now. And, because EMV technology makes payment cards virtually impossible to copy and a PIN can verify the cardholder’s identity, you can significantly reduce the possibility of accepting counterfeit, lost or stolen cards.

Avoid October 2015 liability for fraud

EMV helps prevent the use of counterfeit, lost and stolen cards, as well as reduces skimming attacks at ATMs and the point of sale. Liability for these transferred to merchants in October 2015.

Build trust with your customers

By embracing EMV technology, you’ll be protecting your business from the liability and your customers will feel better than ever about doing business with you. 

Security peace of mind

Multiple levels of security means that even in the unlikely event of a data breach, your liability is mitigated.

Accept contactless payment options

Our solutions  are enabled with RFID tap-to-pay sensors which enable you to securely accept Apple Pay and Android Pay at your point of sale.