Business Management made Simple

AutoCard Solutions can just about integrate any point of sale system on the market today. Please contact us if you have question regaurding your point of sale systmem. 


Business Management made Simple

AutoCard Solutions can just about integrate any point of sale system on the market today. Please contact us if you have question regaurding your point of sale systmem. 

Clover Station

You’ve worked hard to get your business going. Isn’t it time you gave it – and yourself – an advantage? Now you can, with Clover Station.



CLover Rating

Software updates are automatically delivered to your device, so you’ll always have the latest version.

Clover Station arrives pre-loaded with everything you need to accept payments

 Its cloud-based software enables you to manage your inventory, track revenues, and generate reports.

Run reports that distill your transaction data into powerful intelligence, and use insights to make better decisions.

Safeguard your customers card data with the latest in security technology.



Want to know more about Clover Station? Ask our Clover Support Team and receive a call or email within  twenty-four hours. 


Clover Mobile

Clover Mobile

Clover Mobile

AutoCard Solutions featuring Clover Mobile include powerful cutting edge hardware and software, the most advanced payments security technology around and more. Every business is unique, Clover is designed them with flexibility in mind, so you can pick the combination that’s right for you.



Clover Mobile offers a wide range of tools that help you manage your business more efficiently. Track inventory, manage staff, discover customer insights, seamlessly integrate to Quickbooks, build loyalty programs, and do much more with easy access to a dedicated app market.


Clover Mobile includes a built-in trigger barcode scanner and camera to give you even more convenience and control on the go.


Clover Mini

Clover Mini

Keeping it simple

Designed with your convenience in mind, solutions featuring Clover Mini bring together cutting edge hardware, state of the art security, beautiful design and more, so you can spend more time doing what you love and less time looking for the right tools to run your business.

With Clover Mini, you can securely take all types of payments, including EMV and Contactless, and download a variety of apps to help you run your business more efficiently. Get Clover Mini and get more time to do what you love.

Benefits for Business

With Clover Mini, you can securely take all types of payments, including EMV and Contactless. Download a variety of apps to help you run your business more efficiently. Get Clover Mini and get more time to do what you love.

Peace of mind with multiple levels of security for your data.

Customizable to meet your specific needs

Simplifies and streamlines many of your business operations.

EMV-enabled so you won’t be held liable for fraud.

24x7 customer support.



Clover Flex

Clover Flex

Versatile, full-featured mobile device with extensive payment acceptance capabilities on-the-go or at your place of business.

  • With a built-in scanner, camera, and printer, Clover Flex can help you process orders and payments more quickly. Device lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge.
  • Choose from a wide range of apps focusing on business operations, marketing, and performance measurement to help your business grow and run more efficiently3
  • Built-in barcode scanner and automatic inventory tracking help ensure you're not short of important items
  • By enabling offline transaction mode, your device can continue to accept payments when your internet signal is weak or down1
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Clover Go

Clover Go

Start taking payments on the go

From managing employees and inventory to serving customers and promoting your business, you’ve got a lot going on. Clover® Station lightens that load. It’s the complete business management system that will have you up, running and improving your business in no time.

  • Take virtually all kinds of payments, from magnetic stripe, EMV® chip, standard credit and debit cards to contactless payments, straight out of the box.
  • Help keep your and your customers’ information safe with built-in fraud protection from Clover Security.
  • Run your business on cloud-based software so you can access your information from any device.
  • Set up a digital loyalty and rewards program to drum up new business and keep existing customers coming back.

What you get with Clover

What you get with Clover

Clover + Apply Pay

Clover enables small businesses to accept both In-Person and In-App payments for Apple Pay. 

In-Person payments let customers simply tap their iPhone to pay at the point-of-sale.

All Clover devices can accept In-Person payments. The Clover Station requires the optional FD-40 PIN pad accessory to do so whereas Clover Mobile and Clover Mini have contactless payment acceptance built right in. Customers simply tap their smart phones near the device to pay with the credit card they registered with Apple Pay.

Clover Mobile, Clover Mini, and the FD-40 are all fully EMV compliant for both chip cards and contactless cards, which helps you prepare for the October 2015 liability shift that incentivizes merchants to accept EMV chip cards.

In-App payments will transform how your customers interact and transact with your business.

 In-App payments will transform how customers can interact and transact with your restaurant or retail shop. Consumers will be able to order and pay at the table, order ahead, and self-checkout.


Backed by First Data, the world's leading payment processor with over 6 million merchants.We protect your data

We're obsessive about your security, and that of your customer. End-to-end encrypting card reader, data tokenization, locked-down operating system, and mutually authenticated SSL are just a few of the technologies we've built into Clover.

PCI Compliant

With all the security concerns around, you need to ensure that your POS system adheres to the latest security standards. The Clover Station is fully PCI compliant, so you don't have to worry about fines for noncompliance.

Sensitive information stays on your side of the counter

Letting your customers sign for their purchase on the screen = cool. Giving them unintentional access to all your other sales, customer, and employee data = not so cool.

Clover's proprietary pivot arm lets you rotate seamlessly to what we call the “customer-facing view” when presenting the display for signature. This restricts what the customer can see and access, keeping all your sensitive data safe.

Evolving Security

Our security measures and methods are continuously being updated in order to best deal with potential risks. Report potential security issues for your Clover device at security@clover.com. Help us provide the most secure point of sale software in its class.


Clover put extra measures in place to make sure your Clover Station stays up and running and that there's always someone to call if you need to. Even if that's 11:35pm on a Friday night.

Stay up when you're down

Don't let a spotty Internet connection stop you from taking payments. Clover Station will continue to accept payments even if the Internet is down. We have Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and 3G connection options so you can choose the best way for your business to stay online.

24/7/365 support

Your business doesn't run 9 to 5, and neither do we. Phone or email - however you like to get help, we're available anytime.

Cloud backup for your data

If you lose your device (or, um, accidentally drown it in coffee), you don't lose your data. We store it securely on our servers so you can always access it from your device or from your computer.

Hardware designed for a single purpose

Look closer at the Clover Station and you'll see that the details make a difference. The large touchscreen display translates into faster transactions. The long card swipe is designed for speed and accuracy. Four USB ports hidden underneath the printer connect multiple peripherals at once, simply and securely.

You shouldn't have to compromise between aesthetics and performance. With Clover, you don't have to.




Technology to skyrocket profits

Through a combination of speed and smarts, ShopKeep point of sale takes all the sting out of retail.

Lighting Fast Transactions

Robust Inventory Management

Smart Customer Marketing

Simple Staff Management 

Game Changing Reports and Analytics